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Is this for real?

Zest Financial is thesis project designed by Justin Lee, an MFA graduate (ABD) at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. This project is a two-year-long exploration revolving around young consumers and credit reports. This website is the outcome of a student project and does not represent an actual bank or any other individuals referenced or acknowledged within this site. Everything is hypothetical and designed for academic purposes.

What is Zest?

Zest is a mobile banking app designed to help the emerging generation build a strong financial start. We offer essential tools to build a healthy credit history and score. Our products include the Zest Visa Card, our iOS and Android app, and top notch customer service.​

What are you all about?

Zest believes in the effortless management of your credit history and report. By guiding you into the workings of your accounts and how they impact your credit history, we help you grasp control of your finances. You are in control. Whether you want to pay off your loans or boost your credit score, we work with you to reach your financial goals.

Does Zest charge fees?

We do not charge fees. In fact, we do not believe in charging fees. However, some of our partners charge a small fee for their services. For instance, when you use an ATM partner outside of our network, you may be charged a fee.

So how do you make money?

Great that you asked. We earn our income through merchant fees and the interests of our customer deposits from our partner banks. Don't worry about us. We're here for to help you.

Who can sign up and use Zest?

Zest is working hard to extend our services to everyone. Currently, we are offering accounts to U.S. citizens over the age of 18 with a Social Security number. Plus, you'll need a smartphone that can run our mobile app. To get on the waiting list, you can sign up here.

Do I need a smartphone?

Yes, you'll need a smartphone that can operate our mobile app. To take advantage of all of our services, you'll need an iPhone running iOS 10.3.2 and an Android 6.0 Marshmallow. 

Are you insured by the FDIC?

Rest assured. You're insured to the FDIC maximum of $250,000.

What is your security policy?

We take security very seriously. We commit to exceeding the industry standard when it comes to protecting your assets and information. 

Is my information secure?

Always. We never, ever sell your information to third parties. They have no business in our business. That is our promise. 

What is your fraud policy?

These things happen, and when they do, we're ready to get it fixed. Even if you have a slight feeling of fraudulent activity, contact us through the mobile app, and we'll investigate the matter immediately. We even scope for fraudulent activity on your credit transactions. We'll work with your credit card issuer to make this process seamless and worry-free. 

What other features do you provide?

Along with your Zest account, you get the Zest Visa Card. With the Zest Visa Card, you can make everyday purchases online and in stores. On our mobile app, you can deposit checks, earn interest, pay bills, transfer money, withdraw cash from ATMs, everything you need from a trusted bank. Our mobile app offers a plethora of tools to help you save, reach goals, and build a solid credit history. 

What kind of card is the Zest Visa Card?

The Zest Visa Card is a debit card issued by our partner banks. You can use it wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. Transactions that exceed your available balance will be declined, and no, you won't be charged a fee for that. 

Can I pay my bills with Zest?

Of course! You can send a payment to your friends, family, Netflix, Uncle Steve, all for free. Please allow 3-5 business days for personal checks. All other bill pays are sent electronically and will arrive in less than two business days.

How do I deposit funds?

You have a few options, but we recommend direct deposit (it's the easiest). For all the possibilities, you can transfer funds electronically from another institution, deposit by taking a picture of the check via our mobile app or send us a check deposit by mail. 

How can I get money?

We partnered with Allpoint Network, Co-Op Network, and Money Pass to offer you the most ATM coverage of any bank. Just how many ATMs are completely free for Zest members? Over 70,000.

Are there ATM fees?

As long as you use ATMs affiliated with our partners, then there are no fees.

Can I link my account with Mint?

Yes, you may. We're excited you're maximizing all the help you can get.

Do you offer rewards?

At the moment, we don't offer any rewards for our members. However, we make sure you're benefiting rewards programs offered by your credit card issuer.

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